Gallery at The Hub Community Center for the Arts, Vallejo (The Hub)
The Hub is dedicated to local artists of various mediums; music, art, crafts, dance, and theatre. We have a boutique/gift shop with locally made merchandise for sale. We have a stage where small venue bands and theatre groups can perform. We have a classroom offering a variety of classes in the arts for beginner and experienced students. And we have a Gallery where local artists can show and sell their works.

The Gallery exhibits art works in all types of mediums, but it is limited in wall and floor space. Accepted work is on a first come first served basis with local artists’ work as first consideration. “Local artists” are defined as artists from the Vallejo, Benicia, and American Canyon area and then to the extended Solano County area and beyond. We cater to and welcome all artists; guest, established, new, struggling, starving and re-emerging artists.

Currently we hold exhibitions for approximately 2 months/8 weeks. Exhibits are not usually limited to a theme, but will be advertised with a unique name. A “Call for Art” will be posted/advertised one month in advance of each show. We also host artists who do not have studio space during Vallejo Open Studios and will most likely be held along with one of our already showing exhibits.

Future Call for Art and Art Exhibits have been placed on hold.

Tentative Call for Art and Show Dates for 2018

Tentative Call for Art:

Week of Feb 3; Week of April 16; Week of June 11; Week of Aug 12; Week of Oct 21

Tentative Show Dates:

Jan 3 – Mar 4; Mar 14 – May 13; May 23 – July 22; Aug 1 – Sept 30; Oct 10 – Dec 9

A class/workshop, “Your Artist’s Bio / Statement and You”, will be offered on an “as needed” basis, most likely between exhibitions.

For more information on the Call for Art, and for classes and exhibitions, please contact the Hub Curators by visiting us at the Hub, or: via email: attention: jody or Bruce.
Message on our Facebook page:
By phone: 707 561-6514