Teach a Class

The Hub offers a variety of classes during normal business hours.  Sunday School of Art focuses on art or craft classes of all types, mediums, and for all audiences.  The Hub has offered non-art classes such as hula hoop, dance, writing, and more. If you would like to be a part of The Hub by teaching a class, please contact Maryjane at 707-561-6514 during normal business hours. She will be able to provide you with open dates and details. It’s your option to either volunteer or agree to a commission.

To attend Sunday School of Art at The Hub, we expect students to enroll and pay the posted fee prior to the class, by phone or in person. The Hub discourages drop ins for classes.  This can be applied to your class or workshop as well.

Free workshops can be conducted throughout the month.  Donations may be requested. If you’d like to offer a workshop, please contact Maryjane at 707-561-6514 for available dates and details.

The Hub’s Communications Officer will place the class or workshop on The Hub’s calendar, facebook page, other online calendars and newspapers if given enough notice.  Advance scheduling is recommended to be at least 4 weeks prior to the class or workshop in  order to properly promote this class or workshop.  However, if an earlier date is preferred and the date is open, the class or workshop can be scheduled.

When teaching a class or workshop, you should be knowledgeable in the subject to support the information being taught. The class size is limited to the space requested.  The classroom space holds 10 students, has an easel for demonstration, and sink for clean-up. For exercise classes, an area in front of the stage is available. This area will hold 20 moving students. The stage would be  available for demonstration.  In addition, for classes or workshops involving discussion, there are sofas and  tables with chairs for small groups.

The Hub’s calendar will provide an insight to the classes and events currently scheduled at The Hub.  Go to the Events Calendar.