The Hub at Zazzle

The Hub Community Center for the Arts (The Hub) in Vallejo is a place for all of us to connect, share our knowledge, show our work, build our community, and create activity, interest vibrancy & prosperity in our city. Individual artists submit artworks for display and sale, either in the Gallery (art and sculpture), or the Boutique (clothing, jewelry, home decor, etc.). The Hub has expanded their line of merchandise by providing purchasing opportunities through The Hub at Zazzle. The Hub at Zazzle site utilizes some of the past and current art designs to create products, most of which are only available directly from The Hub at Zazzle.

What it means:
Zazzle is a print-on-demand site (POD). The Hub uploads electronic files of artwork from past and current artists and make “virtual” product pages for buyers to browse through. When a buyer wishes to buy an item, they order it directly from Zazzle. Zazzle collects the purchase price from the customer, produces the actual product, ships the product, and passes a referral fee to The Hub.

The Hub at Zazzle provides another opportunity for our customers to shop online utilizing local art on display at The Hub. Some of our first sales from The Hub at Zazzle were sent to Holland Park West, Australia and La Chatelaine, France. Currently we have seven Hub artists participating in the The Hub at Zazzle store. The products available are: clocks, jigsaw puzzles, mugs, t-shirts, leggings, stationery, office supplies, and more. Artists will continually be adding their work to The Hub at Zazzle store, so please revisit The Hub at Zazzle periodically. You can also watch The Hub’s facebook page for new products. If you see artwork at The Hub that you would like to purchase on a product at The Hub at Zazzle, please contact The Hub, 707-561-6514 or

Go to The Hub at Zazzle store by clicking HERE


Here are a few samples of the items that can be customized and purchased through The Hub at Zazzle.

Night Light
Baby Blanket
Tote Bag